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MY WHY:  As I started photographing weddings, I was taken back to my own wedding day.  It's a crazy-busy day full of friends, laughter, nerves, and details.  OH MY WORD, the details!  It is so easy to get caught up in the planning, the itinerary, keeping your soon-to-be-husband on schedule (which is hard to do when you're intentionally trying to NOT see them until the ceremony,) and on and on and on!  I realized as the photographer, I get to double as your wedding coordinator and can help alleviate a lot of that wedding day stress (fun fact, I actually was a wedding coordinator once upon a time!).  I am there to make your day YOUR day- the one you've been dreaming about long before you ever met youR soulmate.  Let me come alongside you and help you to let go of the little things so you can be fully present for your once in a lifetime day.  

"She was way ahead of our other vendors when it came to planning and making sure everything was together prior to our big day. She made everyone feel at ease on our wedding day and was very attentive to all the details! We are sooo happy with how the photos turned out and how well Shelley was able to capture all of the elements of our wedding."  -Mariel 

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